The Giddings Group is dedicated to finding the people our clients need to be successful and to helping professionals find fulfilling careers. We accomplish this because we are a strategic partner and intellectual asset to our candidates and clients. Our relationships work because we provide unparalleled service and integrity.





Our clients include global leaders, start-ups, and municipal agencies. Our Talent Acquisition Process has earned us a proven history of successful searches across the country. We approach each search with the attention and commitment it deserves.

Our clients range from global leaders to start-ups. We have experience with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, venture capital backed firms, and we’ve even helped multiple firms hire their first US employee.

Qualified candidates may be open to advancing their careers, but it’s rare for them to actively seek a new opportunity. Our proactive recruiting process finds you the best talent for your need, not just someone looking for a job.






The Giddings Group follows a carefully designed, proactive search methodology focused on client and candidate communication to ensure success. This approach has served as the foundation of hundreds of successfully completed searches across the country and has produced qualified candidates for every search assignment we’ve performed. Our Talent Acquisition Process is efficient and thorough, and it emphasizes the long-term benefits a company receives when they make a successful hire.


  • We gain a clear understanding of your organization’s culture and vision to become effective agents for you. We interview you to understand your specific talent needs and the accomplishments that successful candidates will possess.
  • Through our database, research and referral gathering, we leverage our industry knowledge to begin an intense period of proactive recruiting for you. We will present you with qualified candidates less than a month after our engagement. We prepare you for your interviews and recommend strategies that ensure the right candidate is attracted and hired.


  • We begin our screening process as we professionally present the opportunity to candidates. This is a thorough, time-intensive effort where we develop relationships with candidates to understand their accomplishments and ambitions. We apply three concurrent resources to find the best talent for your need and continue to pursue all avenues until the right candidate is selected.
    1. "Warm Call" Recruiting with our current and past candidates. This step gives us access to the tens of thousands of candidates we have worked with since we began operations in 2001. Our existing market knowledge lets us evaluate these individuals as potential candidates, and the strength of our relationships helps us network with them to access additional qualified people for your need.
    2. "Cold Call" Recruiting using our custom database, which is currently populated by over 50,000 professionals. Prospects represented in our database work in a variety of organizations, including engineering consulting firms, public agencies, contractors, investor owned utilities, and management consulting companies.
    3. "Research Based" Recruiting. We develop a target list of specific individuals to proactively pursue based on our market specific conversations with you.


  • The Giddings Group works closely with our clients and candidates during the selection and offer phase. We help you develop the right offer strategy and ensure that it is presented in a manner that results in an acceptance.
  • We continue to maintain our relationship with the hired candidate during their transition period to combat counteroffers and ensure a successful start.


We take the time to learn what’s important about your career to you. Our interactive process helps you navigate the complex employment market and successfully manage your career. We interview you to understand your accomplishments and ambitions, and this information helps us bring you the opportunities that you’ll be most interested in exploring. We are invested in your success.

We take the guess-work out of the interview process for you. We share our market intelligence with you to give you industry data and feedback. We help you prepare for your meetings to ensure you gather the information you need to make this important decision, and we’re regularly in touch with feedback for you.

Nearly half of the candidates we help secure a new position for each year are people that we’ve known for more than eighteen months, which demonstrates the strength of our long-term relationships. Most of the candidates we work with are not actively pursuing new opportunities, so we understand the importance of confidentiality.


We have recruited hundreds of professionals across the country. Example searches include:

  • Vice President, Regional Manager

  • Controller

  • Director, Municipal Client Development

  • Program Manager

  • Wet Weather Practice Leader

  • Stormwater Practice Lead

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Director, Information Technology

  • Director, Environmental Services

  • Director, Human Resources

  • Senior Project Manager

  • Director, Water Treatment

  • Director, Field Services

  • President, Contract Operations Services

  • Vice President, Transportation

  • Client Manager, Aviation Services

  • Regional Manager, Transportation Services

  • Ports and Maritime Practice Leader

  • Manager, Training & Development

  • Director of Customer Service

  • Chief, Operations & Maintenance


  • Vice President, Federal Services

  • Wastewater Practice Leader

  • Director, Design/Build

  • Director, Utility Management Consulting Services

  • Manager, Asset Management

  • Construction Manager

  • Resident Engineer

  • Director, Sales & Marketing

  • Manager, Water Resources

  • Director, Oil and Gas Services

  • Manager, Utility Relocation Services

  • Manager, Remediation Engineering

  • Director, Permitting and Planning

  • Process Engineer

  • EH&S Manager

  • Vice President, Marketing

  • Vice President, Utility Finance

  • Vice President, Alternative Delivery Services

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Executive Director

  • Deputy Director

  • Vice President, Business Development


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